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The Official Tundra Board
Game is Finally Here!

Chainsaw wielding bears, gun toting dogs
and monster fish await you as you race
across Alaska to be the first to spell Tundra.
Based on the award winning comic strip
Tundra by Chad Carpenter, you and your
opponents will fall into fits of laughter with
over 100 comic strips that allow you to reek
havoc on others or reap the benefits for
yourself. This is the only Alaskan board
game you will ever need to own!

The game is designed for 2 to 6 players
ages 13 and up. The game comes with 110
full color cards each sporting a unique
cartoon, 6 player pawns, 80 tundra dough,
36 games tokens, the game board,
instructions and 1 pair of dice. Enjoy!
  • The game is great for collectors of Tundra & Chad's stuff
  • Even if you don't play the game, 110 comic strips on the cards make it a great read
  • Comes with some historical notes letting you learn a little about Alaska
at the same time as having fun
  • Easy to learn, and fast, fun and competitive to play
  • Great for family game nights or sitting with your friends having a good time
  • Designed in Alaska, by Alaskans, for everyone wherever you are
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