Getting tired of that "Hello Kitty" calendar on your wall or on your desk, year after year?
Then here's your solution! Spice up your life with a gut-busting TUNDRA wall calendar or
a butt-gusting TUNDRA desk calendar! Oh yeah, we have an engagement calendar too!

Greetings Valued Tundra Comics Customers

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2018 TUNDRA Wall Calendar
Adorn your space with the
time classic, wall calendar
from Tundra Comics.
It will increase the value of
your home or office...
no kidding!
9" x 12"
In Full Color
2018 TUNDRA Box Calendar
Get your daily dose of humor
in your box/desk calendar
and have a
better day!
6" x 5" x 1 1/4"
In Full Color